Start The Cycle

Start the Cycle is a community initiative founded by NFL quarterback Jacoby Brissett. The program aims to build trust and positive relationships between police and youth in underserved communities.

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Start the Cycle events typically involve police officers and youth riding bicycles together along a designated route. The rides are designed to provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere where youth can interact with police officers in a non-threatening setting. Brissett believes that these interactions can help to break down stereotypes and build trust between the two groups.

In addition to bike rides, Start the Cycle also hosts other events such as basketball games, cookouts, and mentoring programs. All Start the Cycle events are free and open to the public.

Brissett started Start the Cycle after witnessing the impact of police brutality on his hometown of Riviera Beach, Florida. He wanted to create a program that would help to bridge the gap between police and youth and create a more positive and safe community for everyone.

Start the Cycle has been well-received by both police and youth in the communities it serves. Police officers have said that the program has helped them to better understand the communities they patrol and to build relationships with young people. Youth participants have said that the program has helped them to see police officers in a new light and to feel more comfortable interacting with them.

Start the Cycle is a growing program that is now active in several cities across the United States. Brissett is committed to expanding the program to reach even more communities and to make a positive impact on the lives of youth everywhere.